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Warm & Safe

Warm & Safe Homes Cornwall


We will soon be working with a number of partners, and sponsorship from Wales & West Utilities, on the delivery of the Warm & Safe Homes project in Cornwall.

Warm and Safe Homes Cornwall is based on a successful project  launched in Cardiff during 2017 by Warm Wales.

Community Energy Champions visited households in Cardiff, selected using our FRESH mapping software, to offer a range of free advice and support to help create warm and safe homes. From water bill savings to energy efficiency tips, money advice to home insulation, the champions made a real difference to people’s lives.

Full details of Warm & Safe Homes Cornwall will be announced soon but we will helping householders in a number of ways with a range of money saving advice and services:

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  • Home heating systems
  • Home insulation
  • Benefit & fuel tariff advice
  • Home budgeting
  • Safe place to live




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