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Save Energy

Learn about energy efficiency and Save £££’s

Cutting your energy bills is all about keeping more of the warmth you are paying for in the home, where’s it needed. Here are a few ways you could reduce your bills through greater energy efficiency. To find out more and to see if there are schemes running in your area to help you fund the improvement fill in the contact form and we will be in touch.

Loft insulation Warm Wales

With around 25% of the heat generated by a boiler escaping through the roof, insulating your loft is one of the simplest and cost-effective way of reducing your energy bills. With most types of loft insulation staying effective for around 40 years it will provide many years of savings. The Energy Saving Trust estimate annual savings from loft insulation of up to £225.

Cavity wall insulation Warm Wales

Your walls can be an even bigger source of heat loss than the roof with up to a third of the heat you are paying for escaping. Heat will always travel from warm to cold areas so the colder it gets outside, the more warmth you’ll lose from the house. Insulating cavity walls is a job for accredited installers; but with most installs complete in a day it can be a sound investment. Calculations from the Energy Saving Trust put the annual savings at £225.

Solid Wall Insulation Warm Wales

If you have an older property with solid walls you will be losing even more heat than if you had cavity walls. The good news is that there are insulation solutions designed for properties like yours. The most common is EWI (external wall insulation), a professional solution that involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the wall, then covering it with reinforcement and a special type of render. An alternative method is IWI (internal wall insulation) which is a process of dry lining the walls and filling with insulation materials before boarding over. Savings of up to £425p.a. could be achieved through the addition of solid wall insulation (Energy Saving Trust).

Draught proofing warm wales

It may often be overlooked but draughtproofing your home can save up to £25 per year on your heating bills (Energy Saving Trust) by keeping the cold out and warmth in. When looking for draughts start by examining window frames, doors and pipework.

pipes tanks radiators warm wales

Three simple energy efficiency measures which you can do yourself at little cost. Start by lagging your pipes to keep heat in, then purchase a jacket for your hot water tank, and finish by fitting aluminium panels behind the radiators on external walls, to reflect heat back into the room. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that these measures could save up to £20 per year.

boiler replacement warm wales

Replacing an old boiler is of course a big investment, but if you are upgrading from an old inefficient model it could come with big savings. Modern boilers are more efficient for several reasons, but their main advantage is that they are all condensing boilers which recover more heat, send cooler gases up the flue and are more efficient. The table below from the Energy Saving Trust shows some of the potential savings on offer, depending on the rating of your old boiler. If you don’t currently have a gas connection have a look at gas grants page.

Old boiler ratingSemi- detached houseDetached houseDetached bungalowMid terrace houseMid floor flat
G (< 70%)£210£320£165£180£100
F (70–74%)£145£220£110£125£70
E (74–78%)£125£190£95£105£60
D (78–82%)£110£170£85£100£55
ISO 9001
ISO 14001