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Gas Connection Grants

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Gas Connection Grants

For many homes, a switch to a gas central heating system can improve the energy rating of the property and reduce energy bills significantly. We work with Wales & West Utilities on the Warm Home Assistance scheme providing householders with gas connection grants and issuing vouchers to qualifying customers. These can then be used against the cost of a new gas connection.

Thousands already helped

Since the scheme started in October 2009 more than 12,000 properties have received gas connection grants towards the cost of connecting to mains gas. The scheme is set to run until at least 2021 and we are committed to helping Wales & West Utilities connect another 6,000 households to the gas network.

gas connection grants

Who qualifies for a voucher?

If you live in a privately owner or rented property there are two ways of qualifying for a gas connection voucher:

  • You live in a privately owned or rented property and you receive key qualifying benefits
  • You are a social tenant, or live in a privately owned or rented property and are spending a high percentage of disposable income on household fuel
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Warm West assist households in the West Country, while our sister company Warm Wales works with householders in Wales.

Gas connection grants

To find out if you qualify for a gas connection grant you can call us on 01656 747 623 or complete the online application form.

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